Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

row of transit buses, employee with face mask by driver's seat

SERVPRO Protecting our Mass Transit System Buses

These out of service buses are getting the SERVPRO proactive disinfection application using EPA-certified agents along with a thorough wipedown of all interior contact points. Our tech is busily cleaning the driver's area while wearing PPE personal protective equipment. We are proud to help combat the current threat to our communities. Call us to provide some peace of mind during this difficult time. NYC Strong!

technician wearing white bodysuit, gloves, mask, and hardhat cleaning microwave

Cleaning and Disinfectant Application in a Queen's Lunch Room

The busy SERVPRO technician, wearing full PPE personal protective equipment and hidden inside a Tyvek suit, is spraying an EPA-registered N-List disinfectant. This proactive cleaning and application can help to protect this lunchroom from harboring known human pathogens and other microbes. Call us to better secure your workplace.

a green and gray dehumidifier in a restroom

Astoria Treated to Advanced Equipment

Our SERVPRO team arrives with industry-leading equipment, like this LGR low-grain refrigerant dehumidifier, to mitigate water damage from Astoria area businesses, homes, and apartments. Prompt and professional, we are ready to help.

Don't Miss A Beat, Keep That Restoration Rolling

We should always look for a silver lining even in our darkest times. After this water damage, the client decided it was time for new floors anyway, and we were there to complete the job. Contact us about construction services!

Happy Customers Are Our #1 Priority

At the end of the day, our most important job is customer satisfaction. It is not always easy but it is a goal we strive to reach with each and every client.

Westerly RI Warehouse

This is a picture of our main building in Washington County of Rhode Island. At this facility, we perform many types of content restoration and storage for each and every fire and water loss. 

Our Team

Here are some of the team members after our morning meeting. Communication is one of our biggest strengths within the company and employees on all levels are encouraged to participate in offer input to help the team.