Water Damage Photo Gallery

ceiling visibly damaged by water, hanging batten through the ceiling

Astoria Water Damaged Ceiling

The visible water blisters and fallen insulation are more than a subtle hint that a large water leak occurred in the above void. SERVPRO techs can respond rapidly to this Astoria property to mitigate the damage, firstly by removing hazardous hanging building elements.

water stains and broken sheetrock on a ceiling from water damage

Long Island City Water Damaged Ceiling

The water leak in this Long Island City home damaged the ceiling and created a safety hazard. SERVPRO team members can safely remove and discard the hanging debris, bag and discard it before beginning the drying process. We can repair the plumbing and rebuild the ceiling to complete the entire water-damaging event.

wet cement walls

Where did that water come from?

Ever find water in your basement and wonder how it got there? Some properties just have a way of ending up with water issues that are extremely difficult to trace, we can fix it!

A roof on top of one of the buildings at UNCW, singles are missing and exposed wood is damaged.

Roof Repair After A Storm

Yes you know SERVPRO will repair the water damage that may occur to your home or commercial property after a storm. But did you also know we will fix the damage that caused the water issue in the first place? Call us!

Rhode Island Floods

The Rhode Island floods of 2010 were one of serval major flooding events of that year. Several members of our SERVPRO® of Long Island City team were part of the response and clean-up from the areas biggest flood in decades.

Late Night Call for Water Damage

Arriving quickly to the scene when there is water damage is the MOST helpful way to prevent further damage. That's just what we did in this photo, arriving at 1 AM to begin mitigation.