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Mold Damage Needs Precise Attention in Long Island City Home

One of the most common places to find mold damage in Long Island City homes is the bathroom. A slow leak created ideal conditions for spores to germanite and sp... READ MORE

SERVPRO Cleans Up Commercial Water Damage Safely

When commercial water damage includes sewage, it is a situation that local Long Island City property owners should handle on their own. As seen in the Before P... READ MORE

Commercial Storm Damage Causes Major Damage to Long Island City Property

This Long Island City property got more than just water with this commercial storm damage incident. The loss area wound up with dirt and debris deposited on the... READ MORE

Big Fire Damage Cleanup in Long Island City Kitchen

At first glance, the fire damage in this Long Island City kitchen looks overwhelming. Where should you start to clean up? SERVPRO technicians have the training ... READ MORE

Queens Significantly Damaged Kitchen

The burst supply line to the dishwasher in this Queens' kitchen happened during the night, allowing the water to seep into the subfloor beneath the linoleum. Th... READ MORE

Queens Mold Damage

When water seeps from the exterior into a structure in Queens, the result is often a mold infestation. When unnoticed or ignored, these colonies can develop int... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Queens

Our professionals are the best option when dealing with a water damage disaster in your Queens home. Our team is locally owned and operated. Our skilled crew wi... READ MORE

Long Island City Mud and Storm Damage

When a window well for a basement is not covered and left open, large volumes of muddy water can flow in during a flood. A basement in Long Island City suffered... READ MORE

Long Island City Electrical Fire

The short in the wall outlet was caused by water splashing from the nearby aquarium. The SERVPRO of Long Island City FSRT fire and smoke damage technicians were... READ MORE

Bathroom in Queens--Water Damage and Demolition

The removed floor coving reveals the water and mold damage in this Queens bathroom. The moisture encouraged the growth of mold spores within the wall cavities t... READ MORE