What our Customers say...


SERVPRO was here in a jiff when I had a spring leak in my kitchen. They were efficient and friendly. My kitchen was in better shape when it was remodeled.

The flood did no justice to my basement. SERVPRO came in and handled the job with such courtesy and precision. I was very happy with the quality and showmanship of work.

The tree in the back yard fell and damaged my shed. SERVPRO came out in a hurry and rectified my problem. I had no issues with their technicians. Thanks SERVPRO.

My uncle told me about SERVPRO when I told him I was having issues with my furnace. The service was prompt and polite.

I’m very happy with the outcome of my house after the pipe broke in the bathroom. SERVPRO was here fast and very professional. Thank you SERVPRO.

Thanks to Dion, Julie, and Sean who stepped up for us after high winds damaged the roof of our building. They provided ALL the services needed! Thanks again SERVPRO of Long Island City!

As a building manager, I needed a restoration company that would ensure the comfort of my residents during construction and repairs after water damage to our building. SERVPRO of Long Island City was the answer, thank you!

Many thanks to Julie and the entire team at SERVPRO of Long Island City. Your understanding during our time of need was extremely important.

Thank you to the team at SERVPRO of Long Island City. You are a professional team from top to bottom.

Thank you to the team at SERVPRO of Long Island City, you were professional and polite and were able to restore the damage to our home so quickly!

Thanks SERVPRO! After a small kitchen fire, our apartment was covered in soot and residue from the fire extinguisher, I thought the smell would NEVER go away. We called SERVPRO of Long Island City and they arrived within a few hours to begin clean-up and mitigation. Thanks again guys!

I don't trust just anyone to come into my home to complete work but when I was away and there was water damage in my building SERVPRO offered complete assurance and transparency. One of their techs sent me photos of the property and when I was able to see the water damage to the building I was glad a SERVPRO certified technician to restore my apartment!

Thanks to SERVPRO of Long Island City and the entire crew. This was a team effort and I am so glad called SERVPRO. Once we realized the severity of the damage to the building from the water damage SERVPRO's large-loss experts were called in and before we knew it construction was underway, thanks again! 

A 'small' fireworks display turned into quite the mess this year near our lake house. The house was OK but the leaf and brush fire we created left soot covering one side of the exterior of the home. Thanks to our relationship with SERVPRO of Long Island City we were able to connect with a crew in the area and they were there to clean it up the very next day!

After a small fire in a neighboring businesses kitchen, our store had small patches of soot and a strange smell. SERVPRO of Long Island City new exactly what to do and was able to work with our insurance company to cover the costs!

As a property manager, I know the difficulty of working in large scale residential buildings. You are working in and out of several peoples homes and it can be frustrating to the homeowners. SERVPRO of Long Island City's staff was professional and courteous to our residents after a recent broken pipe cause water damage in our lobby and in several apartments, thank you!

We recently hired SERVPRO of Long Island City for cleaning work in our apartment. The manager, Aldo mentioned he would be heading to Florida the following week to work on cleaning up after hurricane Irma. It didn't mean much to me at the time but then the hurricane came and my mother-in-law's Miami home took on several inches of water and she was in need of help. I contacted Aldo on his cell phone (yes he left me his cell phone number in case I needed anything else!) and he immediately scheduled her home for repair and the work was completed within 3 days. Thank you!

I am on the board for my apartment building in Long Island City and we recently hired SERVPRO of Long Island City to clean all the common carpets and rugs throughout the building. The carpets look great and the price was better than anyone else, thank you!

Thank you SERVPRO! My dishwasher began to leak while I was away for the weekend. Hardwood floors were ruined! Thanks to the SERVPRO techs who arrived on the scene, fixed the water damage and replaced the floors!

After cleaning the ductwork at the building I manage, the SERVPRO manager on the scene, Aldo recommended we replace some of the older inefficient ducts, I was amazed when he offered to complete the job that same day!

Thank you to SERVPRO for all of your help after the fire. We were fortunate to have not lost too much and even more fortunate to have the SERVPRO team there to clean and repair our home.

I needed carpets cleaned in a new apartment in the neighborhood of Utopia Queens. After calling around I was surprised to find that SERVPRO of Long Island City had a great price and could book me the fastest. Thanks! 

It was great to work with the professionals at SERVPRO of Long Island City to develop my Emergency Ready Program. As a property manager, I can rest easy knowing they have my back if anything goes wrong!

We recently had water damage in our convenience store and SERVPRO of Long Island City was terrific. Thanks to Aldo for arriving at 6AM before we opened!

A warehouse fire caused structural damage to our building. Thanks to your team we were able to save most of the products in the warehouse. Thank you.

Thank you to Fred and the crew who came in quickly and saved me thousands in damage that would have occurred if not for their quick response and work.! 

Thank you for your work and timely response. We were stressed due to the damage caused by a small cooking fire in our kitchen. We never imaged the mess would be completely removed. Thank you so much to your team and their diligence!

Thank you for your help and quick reply! I woke up to the sound of water running down the walls of my bedroom, I never thought someone would be available at 2am to begin cleaning the mess! Thank you to Fred and the rest of the crew, great work! 

To whom this may concern: I am a Property Manager in Queens and I recently hired SERVPRO of Long Island City to clean the duct work in a residential building I manage. I needed to send you a quick thank you for the work you did. Our tenants can tell the difference and have asked that we have you come back after every spring! Thanks again, Alex

Ray and Corey were tremendous during our time of need! Thanks!

Ray was great!