Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Room with partially removed flooring and framework

Storm Damage in Long Island City Home Results in Need for Controlled Demo

When the storm damage is widespread, SERVPRO technicians perform careful, controlled demolition that only removes the areas of the room affected by water loss and leaves undamaged and restorable areas intact.

submersible pump inside a basement doorway with the blue hose

Queens Stormwater Extraction

The sooner that groundwater from flooding extracts from your Queens basement, the less the damage there is. SERVPRO can place submersible pumps, like the one in the Photo, to remove the build of the water quickly, thereby mitigating the storm damage.

roof with tarp

Can We Give You A Hand

Damage to your home from a storm is, for the most part, out of your control. If you need help, during a storm due to damage to your home call us, we can help!

A street that has flooded, two houses can be seen in the distance, they are surrounded by water.

Watch Out, Flash Flooding is Dangerous!

Seems like flash floods are occurring in many areas of the United States now more than ever before. Don't get caught without a plan, if you have flood damage from a storm, call us!

After A Storm We Are There To Help

Storm Damage can be overwhelming in scope. That is why SERVPRO is the countries #1 restoration team. Our experienced franchises come together and make restoration possible, even in the worst of times.

Hotel Roof Damage & Water Damage

New Jersey we can help! Our Long Island City based SERVPRO franchise is knowledgeable and competitive. We recently repaired and restored a hotel in New Jersey after a storm damaged the roof leading to water damage inside the building.