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How Partnering with SERVPRO of Long Island City Helps You Restore and Rebuild After a Disaster

2/9/2024 (Permalink)

Newly Constructed Kitchen SERVPRO of Long Island City specializes on Construction Services

When disaster strikes, the path to recovery can seem daunting. That's where SERVPRO® of Long Island City comes in, guiding you through the restoration and rebuilding process with expertise and compassion. Our all-encompassing approach ensures that from the moment disaster is assessed to the final touches of reconstruction, every step is handled with precision and care. This introduction sets the stage for understanding how SERVPRO's seamless integration of services not only restores your property but rebuilds your peace of mind.

Restoration and Clean-Up

At SERVPRO of Long Island City, we understand the importance of a thorough and efficient cleanup process following any disaster. Our team is equipped to handle a wide range of cleaning needs, from water and fire damage to mold remediation and even biohazard situations. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure your property is cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized to meet the highest standards. This foundational step is crucial in mitigating further damage and setting the stage for the rebuilding phase, ensuring a smooth transition from restoration to reconstruction. 

The Reconstruction Process

After cleanup, the reconstruction process is integral to our commitment to fully restoring your property post-disaster. This service encompasses everything from minor repairs to comprehensive rebuilding efforts, ensuring your premises are restored, making the damage "Like It Never Even Happened." The professionals at SERVPRO of Long Island City are equipped to handle the reconstruction phase in full, helping alleviate the stress that comes with rebuilding after a disaster.

Why Choose SERVPRO?

When it comes to restoration after a disaster, SERVPRO of Long Island City is your single point of contact when it comes to cleaning and reconstruction. By allowing SERVCPRO to be your advocate for reconstruction, you don't need to worry about managing multiple repair teams. SERVPRO of Long Island City has you covered. On top of a single point of contact, SERVPRO also helps you in navigating the insurance claims process and assists in coordinating the necessary paperwork, giving you a quicker and easier experience.


SERVPRO of Long Island City exemplifies resilience and expertise in the face of disaster, offering a comprehensive range of services from initial cleanup to complete reconstruction. With our approach and focus on quality, efficiency, and customer care, SERVPRO of Long Island City not only restores properties but also peace of mind, making disasters "Like It Never Even Happened." This dedication to excellence and comprehensive support underscores why SERVPRO of Long Island City is the preferred choice for disaster recovery and reconstruction. Contact us today!

Finish Your Remodel With Confidence With SERVPRO® | SERVPRO of Long Island City

8/2/2023 (Permalink)

Kitchen cabinet and island installation. Pull out blind corner cabinet, island drawers and counter cabinets installed Need help finishing your home remodel? Call SERVPRO of Long Island City to get your space back in order.

As a homeowner, you are constantly faced with minor fixes and DIYs that you can tackle on your own. After all, that’s one of the fun parts of homeownership! However, some projects may seem easy at the time but then quickly become overwhelming and you find yourself in over your head. 

Instead of living with a half-finished kitchen or exposed walls in your bathroom, call SERVPRO® to help you finish your construction project with confidence.  We will tackle whatever projects still need to be done and leave you with a professionally finished job that you can be confident in. 

Our Construction Process
We are a full-service restoration and repair company, and we truly mean it when we say full service. We can handle anything from water damage to mold infestations, and we can even handle any construction needs that your home requires. 

That includes taking over when you find yourself overwhelmed with the project at hand or handling your remodel from start to finish, including creating the initial project plans. We will start with an initial inspection of the space and project, and we will do everything from mitigation to reconstruction needs like rebuilding walls, hanging new drywall and installing new cabinets or windows. We can do it all!

Our team is trained on the proper safety measures, and we will ensure we control dust and any safety hazards we discover along the way, like mold infestations or loose wiring. 

We Offer the Confidence You Can Trust
We are constantly training and taking courses that increase our knowledge of the latest and most advanced restoration techniques, which will ensure that your project is done safely and thoroughly. We also are locally owned and operated, which means that we fully understand the codes and regulations required to handle a building project in the Long Island City area. 

Our goal for any construction project is to help build the house of your dreams, whether it is a simple remodel or a recovery after a disaster. We have your back in any situation. 

We are here for all of your construction needs. Contact us today at SERVPRO of Long Island City.

Healthcare Facility Disaster Restoration

8/1/2017 (Permalink)

Our team of disaster restoration professionals is well trained in adhering to the highest sanitation standards, especially when working in 'clean spaces' such as hospitals, doctors offices, rehab facilities, etc.. Our team knows time is crucial for both your operations and your patients and we strive to work around the clock to complete the task at hand as quickly as possible.Each crew member undergoes specialized training to work in operating rooms and other restricted areas and knows how to handle regulated medical waste according to HIPPA regulations. We also adhere to a strict policy that every medical facility disaster is prepared for environmental and infection control, and teams establish containment areas, monitor progress and make sure that all necessary health certifications are obtained prior to completing any job. Our number one priority is to quickly and safely take full responsibility of your cleanup needs so that you are free to focus on your number one priority: the patients. Our experience in the healthcare industry has given us the ability to provide a variety of detailed services for the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Outpatient Surgical Centers
  • Hospice Facilities
  • Rehab Facilities
  • Medical Office Buildings